Making Etch Copper Sheet

The first steps are to get a sheet of 24g copper -   I prefer the 24g for the sheet so that you can easily cut it up into pieces for your project

The sheets I want to cut  are 3" x 4"  - I flatten out the copper best I can - as it comes from a roll
of 12" wide  and I had just haphazardly cut a piece off at the studio cause it was so darn cold- but when marked up I actually had little waste

This sheet will make 21 pieces  and I used a Square and marker to mark my pieces out first  and square up the sides

the shear cuts the pieces cleanly and very quickly and without a lot of bending and crimping the metal which I will have to flatten out later 

21 pieces  cut and ready to be flattened a little more and cleaned up - one mistake I made was not cleaning the grease off the cutter before I started - it is suggested you clean off the shipping grease - but either way they have to cleaned anyway 

I have to go get my  steel blocks from the studio and sit and flatten them so that they are flat enough to take the stamps or the PnP  - keep wondering if a rolling pin will do as well - the copper is so soft - I'll have to try that too 

That last time I did this it took me forever just to do 5   and it was hard to cut and I cut my finger in the process  - this time I was done after the marking process - in less than 5 minutes 
although I did get a metal splinter....... 

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