Mystery Project Materials

I ran out at lunch and bought some materials for my plan  of some new items

Here is what I bought;  the copper tubing has a thinner wall than the copper pipe you buy for plumbing - although this is for plumbing as well just for other uses (heat exchangers, refrigerant etc...) but you can get in a variety of sizes at Home Depot  - You dont need to buy 50ft - they have smaller boxes of product - found in the copper pipe section - typically on the shelves

1/2" diameter 

3/8" diameter

1/4" diameter

Bending Coils 
These are great to bend more pliable tubing so you dont get any kinks - If I was doing a huge coil I probably would not use these but fill with water and freeze and then coil around some large pipe - lots of You tube on the subject - but I'll do a step by step as I am making them 

Now the project will involve using PnP blue  (probably) and etching  and I'll have to do it in the house - since its still freaking cold here  (not as ridiculously cold as a week or so ago but still winter ) 


  1. Happy New Year!!!!!

    Are any classes are coming up? Also are you going to be at any shows/sales in the GTA? If so when.


    1. classes not till spring - shows Toronto Bead society in May? I have to check - is the first , purple turtle in july maybe some other I just have not worked on those yet