Finally I Hope to do some crafts

Well the furnace is fixed and I have heat - the Polar vortex has passed (I hope for another 20  years) and my pipes are fixed as of tonight  - only some insulation to finish but that wont take long

My body feels like its been beaten and I do have some nice bruises to show for fitting into the corner cupboard

I want to torch,
I have some ideas for some etched pipe I want to try

and I just ordered some glue that I hope will work on the bails and glass pendants
Its called -  The Last Glue -    when I get it I"ll post the use and results
Value Pack
supposed to work on glass and metal and instantly and permanently so cant wait to try it out

Dont forget the give-away for this month and on the 25th another give-a-way to promote my blog and getting more followers will be posted

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