Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Middle Of The Month - Dont forget the Give-A-Way

Dont forget about the give-a-way this month - short cut on the right hand side of the blog !

Also another give-a-way will be set up on January 25th in conjunction with the Grow Your Blog project

I want to increase my Followers to 200 this year - if not more  

So don't miss out - join by going to the "Followers"   on the right side of the blog

 and if there is anything you ever want to see or have me re-visit just let me know  and I will see what I can do

This week is to get torching and etching - after my pipes burst and I had to do some plumbing - I got some great ideas  so I want to jump on them and get them started

Hint - has to do with this :
Its a thinner wall copper pipe than regular straight pipe - easier to bend -  this is small diameter  but I am getting the larger  size as well -   OBOY  some fun is coming !!!!

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