Bending Copper Tubing

Of course after straightening and etching I am going to want to bend  the tubing
If you try with your hands you may get a good bend but you risk crimping the tube and you would not want to do that after all your work -

etching will also make the sides weaker and suddenly it could give way

- one way is to fill it with water and freeze it and bend around a tube for the width-   - will have to give this a try - sounds like fun -  another one suggest  salt  (not sugar) - and another yet another bending compound - lots of cool coil bending on youtube

another is to use a tube bender
(princess auto about 13.00)  does
  • Channels for bending 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 in. tubing. Calibrated markings for 0° to 180° bends. 7-1/4 in. long knurled handles for added leverage.  and I got this one last yea from princess auto r but have not used  (about 15.00 cdn) 
  • Quick Change Tube Bender

I have a came circle maker I would like to give a second use to 
and then there are the spring benders - which I have in small to large sizes 
Klein 89018, Spring Type Tube Bender, 8 PC Set - KLE-89018

simple enough to use 

as I go along I  will step by step and see what is easiest to use 

Lots of Youtube videos and other choices as well in the way of tools - 


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Sadly, most of my tube bending attempts have turned out like that first example. I may just leave it the professionals from now on! Thiago |

  2. It is really neat that people have the ability to bend copper tubing so seamlessly now. These can be really good for keeping things functional and separate from one another. This can be really important in the industrial sector.

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