More Wire Weaving

Actually spent most of the day at the studio (with heaters on)  lampworking and making some beads
I'll move the lampwork equipment  down this week and then I'll spend more time each night in the house lampworking  (I hope)

the beads are still in the kiln and wont be out till tomorrow- unless I make a run before bed as at 8:30 the temp was down to 180  ( and I turned off all the heaters ) and maybe shortly I;ll run up and grab them to soak and clean

when I came in I worked on a piece of wire and played with one pattern  of wire weaving ( its become my favorite)  three wires - this all in copper
Kept it looser and flatter so I could see all three wires
just bent them all up as another sample  - I;ll work on another pattern tomorrow

once I do a few more patterns I'll incorporate them together 

Its actually fun and not really hard to do 
I'll post some step by step of what I am doing up shortly 

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