28 Days Till Christmas - EEEEEEK !

Its November 26th  - How can it be - only 28 days till Christmas - and I feel like I am so far behind

did I get all my liquids and my lampwork stuff down to the house - yes
has it made it past my kitchen  table and counter to be set up in the basement studio -  NO !

I have to clean up first and then bring the kiln downstairs - I have to replace the propane hose that goes outside since its been sitting for 2 years and better to be safe than sorry.
I have all the parts - the new hose and the fittings -  but where o where is my  UMPH to get things done

I promised myself to get it done on the weekend - that went  PHSSSST .....

I am almost finished Christmas shopping - thats a first  and I wrapped gifts on the weekend .

The month is rapidly coming to a close and the Give-A-Way is only days away - so get your name in (short cut on right sidebar)

My full time job - my brothers sick in the hospital and I am just not in the mood -  got to find some ambition

Tonight - Tonight  I will go to the basement studio and start cleaning  and get my stuff downstairs - I need to torch by the weekend !!!!

I need to post more items up on etsy as well - so much to do - so little time

Maybe by posting it will push me to get things done

28 days to go  - O my !

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