Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend

Been busy at work and not getting much in the way of jewellery completed
the first thing I worked on during last week was putting bails on my finished zentangle engraved/etched pieces

I rough up the backs and use the UHU Creativ two part epoxy which I am down to almost nothing left in the tubes and cant find anywhere any more - other than on site in England -   I ended up buying a new tube of E6000 to give it another try - I just find my bails pop off using the E6000 but I've read where people swear by it - so I'll give it another try on some test pieces 
Hopefully it starts to warm up again - the temps fell to zero again (32 )  and during the day only mid thirty's  and it snowed -  May 12 and we had a small snow storm 

I put some heat on but never made it up to the studio on sunday so I shut it all down and locked up 

On Saturday I had both my granddaughters and we spent a few hours playing in the studio - I had put the heat on and we stayed up there  an they painted their picture frames for their Mom  and did some other crafty things 

and I cleaned glue from the backs of etch copper pieces (with goo gone)  I'm making for toggles 
(I'll take a pic later and post ) 

We made a wonderful mess and I got my hands dirty- and it felt good to be playing for a bit 
Hopefully tomorrow - Monday I can go up and put my zentangle pendants onto cards and do some more work  on my new sheets and get them done by the weekend to cut up 

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  1. Love the Zentagle designs! Beautiful work! Curious about E6000 too as I've had bails pop off too. Keep us posted!