Saturday, May 18, 2013

Long Weekend Progress- Day 1

Day 1
One week till 1st show of my season -
I had to open my pool which took most of the morning - draining the cover, cleaning it and pulling it off the pool - (by myself )  set up the pump and filter , put the chemicals in and start it up - clean the sides and push any dirt to the deep end and let it run all day - turn the tap on and start to fill

Run to the post office with my etsy sales  , run to the store to pick up tea  and a few other things
get back and cut the lawn and weed wack - which I didnt finish

and of course its warm out (dont want to complain waiting so long for heat)  - so in between I ran to the studio and  kept etching  my first sheet of 6" x 6" dichro so I could cut it up and fire it on sunday

I finally finished around 8:30 pm so I can cut first thing in the morning 
I started the 2nd sheet that I hope to finish sunday and then cut and fire on Monday - this should give me lots of the zentangle engraved for my show 
This second sheet has bright oranges/reds that I will engrave - 
I hope to have done by the time I finish firing the 1st sheet of cut pieces 

I also finished punching and dapping the toggles and just have to make the slide in piece 
not sure if I am going to sell them or use them for my own pieces 

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  1. Good luck with your show - I don't have the people skills!

    The bright red looks really food in the dichro! Wish I had some of that color!