3 days to Show update

So did absolutely nothing on Tuesday  other than go to work and come home in a rain storm
didnt really feel like doing anything  at the studio

I had to get those bails glued on tonight so they would be dry  by friday night to put on cards.  Got the other batch onto cards tonight and in the box

Thursday is start to pull out all the boxes of goodies  and stack them to get ready to pack up friday night
I feel unprepared  but I always have my things packed and ready when I bring them home from a show so I dont have to run around  and I do have some new  goodies to put on the table -

I did get hay out tonight for the horses and turned the pool on and put chlorine in - I cant beleive that there is probably a good 2-3 inches of water added to my pool just from the rain over the last two days (I am using my hose with a filter to fill my pool this year rather than spending 350 for a water drop - I'm in no rush to go in and if I was hot theres enough water to play in - the kids did on Monday and loved it )  .  so tonight put the hose in and will let it run till about midnight and I'll turn it off - hopefully another couple inches of water.

  Was rather nice at the studio but I'm tired from working all day so its off to the shower and a nice tea to settle down for the night.

I think I'll postpone my panic attack till friday -

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