Sunday, May 19, 2013

Long Weekend - Day 2 accomplishments

Well I woke up to a dreary morning - a little bit of showers for about 15 minutes nothing that really soaked

I started by cutting my finished etched sheet of Zentangle  and ground the edges and got it in the kiln  and got  them out later in the day when they cooled
Took a pic and started grinding the backs and glued the bails on using the E6000 - the test ones I made seem to be ok 
During the day while my kiln was on I finished up my toggles by finishing punching holes and cleaning up the corners and sides and prepping for dipping in the Permalac  to seal them 

I also tried out some coloured ones too

I had time to do a couple of test pieces of butterflies 

Then I thought - now I have toggle pieces but I didnt like the wire type piece to put through the toggle 
I tried balling the wire still didnt like it 
I tried flattening it - - still no 

so I decided to make the  copper pieces I wanted to etch
If I make an etched sheet cutting can be such  a pain so I decided to slice some with my shear - fast and easy thin strips I cut down and cleaned up 
- now I had thin pieces and thought it would be difficult to stamp so I put onto some tape side by side and reinforced it with a block of wood and then I could stamp them all at once and evenly 
so I etched them 
they look much better  and complete the toggle 
I had put in another batch of squares for toggles  in the afternoon that I will colour as well 
They need cleaning 
But that is for tomorrow with I hope the 2nd sheet of dichro that at 5 pm was not quite finished 
But I hope to finish tonight in prep for the morning 
Just waiting for the first batch of butterflies to come out of the etching solution and I'll add them to the cleaning I need to do with the toggles for tomorrow 

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