Ceramics Pieces, resin keys, etched plaster, ceramic bracelets

Pulled some bisque from the kiln tonight and painted - these show just the paint and not the glaze
I have fish and faces in the kiln tonight so I will fire in the morning and see how they turn out
I hope they come out two tone as I painted them but I'll have to wait and see. They are now glazed and ready to be put on the bead rack for firing.
The bracelets have yet to turn out - they keep spreading out. So I will have to keep trying. and come up with something that will hold them together as they dry without leaving marks. ]
Metal mandrel with glass globes holding in place
they still spread out - but if I get something stronger I think they will hold shape next time 

The keys are ok would prefer the small carbon frit to the large sparkly - more realistic

\I saw this cool method of making pendants
using plaster of paris.  you etch your drawing into the plaster - apply black slip let dry then ad your colors and then finish with pouring some slip over top as the backing , then peal off and you have colored pendants without painting .
Blank Plaster
will make up my coloured slips on the weekend and give it a try - if it works then I can make a big plaster bat and create some better etchings 
Beautiful sunset last night 

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