Test Ceramic Pendants out of Kiln

After spending some time yesterday ensuring that the bead holder was supported properly in the kiln (so that the rods would not sag -  I put my first test pieces I had painted back in to fire.  I was so excited - but I knew I had to wait till this morning to see what would come out - I loved the bisque and was pleased with how they fired now it was time to see the if the two tone colouring I had painted worked.  Its all about practice and testing -  Now that I see my bezels and pendants I can go gung ho on making

First images :
I was extremely happy with results of my first test firing on items I made myself by cutting the clay

Ceramic Bezels:

Ceramic Pendants:
Hearts and Stars Pendants:
Ceramic bracelet pieces (connectors):
Ceramic Letters:

Ceramic bracelet pieces - form on arm
and lastly the wine bottle glass holder :

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