Whats Next

As I'm working on my studio I sit and play with items like microfolding,(instructions coming - have taken pics - just have to do the video portion)  thinking of new glass beads, fusing, updating my website and lastly my resin.  Have not worked on it in weeks and need to make some more samples and make some jewelry - bought some oomoo silicone molding materials to make bangle bracelets about a year ago  and want to create transparencies to insert into the resins.  so as I play I will take pics and put them into the blog for samples.

I have to finish my vent hood, decided I just could not trust it hanging from ceiling - seems strong but I decide to put 4x4 corner posts and 2x4 to support it -finished that portion last night -  will also give me space to create some shelves to put all my craft videos .  This means I am rebuilding my torch table as well so I'll have that done this week and take pics.

Attempted to install the fan motor and realized I'm going to have to suspend it from ceiling to take the weight from the top of the hood - it will support but better to be safe than sorry.

I figure that I'll be done by the weekend. And start to torch again at least

Cleaned my desk area and brought my computer and printers back up so I can surf and print.

Of course all of this is not without an accident - was holding a 4 x 4 for one of the corners - I had a 6 ft 2x4 propped against a table and it came chopping down and hit the top part of my foot so it was a trip to the hospital for an x-ray - good news just a crack and its black and blue and a bit sore (amazing thought I'd be limping for days)

will have some pics shortly

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