Not all 2 x 4 x 8 are equal

Rebuilding my (finishing) my torching table
I have the hood and posts all done now I need to fix the table top
want to raise it a little and create some storage space - it seems I always find more ways to fix my work area than actually work ...... I figure this is the last big modification - but that's this week... I'll find some other project to keep me from actually making beads.

I did accomplish making some amphora face pendants along with some horse head pendants - I'll post them soon

back to 2 x 4's   I bought some at Lowes without really reading the sign and it turns out they were not quite 8ft so I had one 2 x 4 x 8 from Home depot then found the other three I had from Lowes were short by about 6 inches ( they make these so you don't have to cut studs when you install a header and footer - will come in handy as I build my walls- didn't even know they existed) so I thought I'd have the frame done tonight but it will have to wait till tomorrow - I really want to be torching on the weekend

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