Microfold Earrings - copper - preparation

I am still putting together the video but I thought I'd post the step by step

I purchased a roll of 36 ga copper sheet -This thin copper can be used for embossing, punching, rubbing and decorating.I have found it packaged in rolls, metal foil can be cut to size with household scissors. Gauge: 36ga. - .005” thick. Curry's arts stores have it in Canada and Dick Blick has it in the USA.

I do use my regular scissors to cut and the 36ga lends it self to not have to be annealed once it is worked  and is still easy to use after microfolding through the brake or the tube wringer.

Equipment to assemble:
Pencil or pen
tube wringer (see image in below post)  or microfold brake
flat nose pliers - smallest you can find with thin tips - helps in "confirming" the folds
36ga copper sheet  (2.0 inches x 2.5" min)

Once you have all this we can start