Playing with Resin

Have been playing over last few weeks with resins - my older material has sort of gone to amber - or least the part B and it looks like amber - I also got a sample of material to play with as my part b - I wanted 1:1  but  this is 2 parts A to 1 part B which is not a big deal

I wanted to make bracelets / pendants and earrings so today I printed some transparencies with butterflies on and use them in the  epoxy /resin
I grabbed my bin of silicone molds - pretty much all from ebay - if you can wait 6 weeks they run from .99 to 6.00  with free shipping
I got some cool small squares and pendant molds as well as a nice bangle bracelet mold 
so I mixed up some epoxy and printed some transparencies
bracelet and earrings (no real butterflies were harmed in the making of this jewelery - its all printed on transparencies ) 
long silicone mold 

having some fun 

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