Re Melting the Gelatin plates

After I played with marbleing  - I decided to re melt my  gelatin to reform them -  the large one I made and was uneven so I decided on a slightly smaller pan  so I would have a nice thick piece to work with

cut it up and put into a glass bowl and put in microwave till it all melted - mixed it up and poured into my teflon pan 

the mark on the pan is a burn mark - nothing to do with the gelatin - poured it in - then ran a piece of newsprint over top to get rid of any bubbles - let sit on my stove that is pretty level  till it gelled - then put into the fridge to speed the firming up 

used a shap knife around edges and pulled it out - with my hand supporting it and layed it out on the rubbermaid serving tray (has a lid)  - nice and thick about 1/2" this time and pretty even 

later I did my 5x7  - remelted and repoured it back into the container 

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