More Gelatin Plate fun

Reading up on how to use the plate better - and having fun - currently using a better quality acrylic - liquitex  for now but going to try the dollar store paints - and Americana tole paints as well - and this will lead to my glass I am hoping to use enamels on the gelatin to glass squares and see what happens - excited about this  part - just wishing the weather was warmer
this one I took a 2nd pull from same colors after I took the first image and then took the stencil off 

this one I did two colors then set  images I cut from my stencils and placed them on and then brayered another color over so you can see the silhouettes  

this one I used two colors and a brayer and set my stencil on and got the resist image 

I am noticing some little tears in the gel - but Like I said if it gets bad I can remelt it and maybe get it level this time and the glycerin keeps it from  going bad (so I am told) so this prototype is to see how long it will last - I read some where they have had theirs for over a year and half - using , remelting and reusing and so far so great

I made such a huge piece - 10x 15 ?   so I could use full pieces of 8-1/2 by 11 sheet -

the cost to make this size was  about 22.00 for all the materials which were glycerin and knox gelatin  
 I wanted to try it out and see if it was worth it  (and it is )

now the real gelli plates cost  for a 12 x 14  3/8" thick is 65.69 u.s. amazon canada has one for 88.00 plus 30.00 shipping  so 128.00 cdn

so the 20.00  is pretty great  although the gelli plates are made from a

I do want to make a smaller one  more like 5 x 7  but I am going to find the storage box first - I lucked out on having the rubbermaid flat cake tray that fits this large piece beautifully

they also have round and square ones too -

so the recipe again is :

find a container you will use -(plastic or a non stick surface  so it pops out easier )  you want about  3/4" deep is best - make sure it doenst have a center mark - you want a smooth bottom as some people reverse these and use the bottom instead of the top -  even a baking sheet - its just hard to move after being full - but its was going to be my first choice till I found the huge pan with deep sides -
set it on a place where you can see if its level  or the fridge shelf - check if level - it can sit out to set but takes longer

so pour water into the container  measuring  to see how many cups to get a thick piece

so making my  9 x 13  I used 4 cups of liquid
so 1/2 is boiling water and 1/2 is glycerin
and the ratio of gelatin is  2 tbsp per cup

4 cups liquid total
2 cups glycerine
2 cups boiling water
8 tbsp  gelatin powder  (I just put into a container and scooped ) but it worked out to 10 packets

in a measuring cup
pour 2 cups of glycerin
add the 8 tbsp of knox gelatin powder and mix - and mix till it looks thoroughly mixed

I had a big measuring cup but I moved the glycerin and gelatin mixture to a bigger mixing bowl so I could mix it well without spilling  ( I have one of those betty crocker red mixing bowls with a spout and handle )

then I poured in 2 cups of boiling water and mixed and mixed - you need to disolve all the gelatin - which has a tendency to go t the bottom of the bowl so use a spoon and keep mixing and checking to see if anything at bottom of the bowl

once done just pour into the  container you want to set you gel in

now next time  I am going to put a bit of baby oil around the edges to see if I dont have to use the knife - not that it did any damage (they say you can use baby oil to clean up the  surface as well )  you dont need on the bottom as it lifts off the base

now some say t leave out - some just pop in fridge - the fridge sets faster
I left overnight  till when I got home from work just to be sure it was set

I used an exacto to go around edges as its thin worked fine -  thinking maybe baby oil will keep it from sticking  but you need to raise one corner to release the suciton  - if you screw this up and cut it or tear it into pieces just put it back into your mixing bowl and put into the microwave and nuc it till its liquid again and repour

so far its great - I just dont know what I'm doing in the way of painting and colors as yet but there is a wealth of videos out there to get a gel plate

I want to use every night for a week just to see what happens to the gel plate - but again for what I am doing I dont want to spend 120

so still playing with this ongoing tester

I may make a smaller one too with the leftover glycerin and gelatin I bought - and I found a rectangular glass container about 5 x7  which may work very well


  1. I use my homemade gelatine-glycerin monoprinting plate now for over a year. But I have it often remelted and poured again. After the melting I use a tea bag to filter out any acrylic paint residues. I really love it! Also each heating makes it a little bit better in consistency (at the beginning the mixture formed little bubbles, easy to remove, but still). We have an induction oven, so I can set the temperature at 60°C and don't have to worry about overheating. I add some water from time to time just by guessing. I really love them and the gelatine plates catch fine details better than the commercial polymer ones :)

    1. yes mine have been sitting for over 6 months now - and in their sealed containers - out on my tv stand - used at a class yesterday and were perfectly fine !!

  2. Just an update - I am still using the same gelatin plates I made in 2017 as of today March 20, 2019 - I think sealing them in tupperware type containers is the secret to keep the moisture in and the glycerin from developing mold - I may remelt soon as I do see some top pitting but that just adds texture LOL