Cutting vinyl records

I really should be doing glass or metal but I have wanted to do this for so long
(these are not mine -  just samples ) 

I finally found some vinyl records - 3 for a 1$  and grabbed 45 of them - that should do me
didnt care what they were - some I even got a 2 record set

I laughed as I even got a recorded word disc for Jane fondas original workout - I dont have a record player so it will get used up

what I want to do this  
 for my granddaughters room 

I've watched them use the wood burning tool with sort of exacto blade head that heats up and I have seen them use a dremel tool with skinny cutter.grinder and someone with a hand saw 
so will test this out this weekend - probably make the template with my scan n cut - 


  1. Wow. Sounds great. Hope to hear about your efforts soon.
    Marianne, Denmark, Europe

  2. Wow! I've etched glass but this is very cool! Keep us up to date if you find a way to make it work. I used a woodburning tool to cut one of those fake pumpkins into a design and it took forever and didn't work as well as I'd like so I'm interested to see if you find something that works for this!