RANGOLI STENCIL- what the heck is that

I have been seeing this video around - a guy using some sort of stencil and sand/sugar art  to make a beautiful manadala -


this one I found is actually using the ones I bought off ebay so super bonus to see that

I can only think glass frit when I see it and want to try - so hunted down the stencils - bought them off ebay  of all places -


they are 8" in diameter - a good size to try for glass - comes with a little shaker
I bought 2 - only 11.00 each cdn  (7.93 u.s.) with free shipping - cant beat that to try out
so waiting for them to come - takes time  and they even wanted to activate the powers of the mandala

I cant wait for them to show up - I may even brave the cold to try it out -  


  1. Sounds great and it should work good for powders on glass! It will be a while but I want to order too. I fell last Friday so moved from hospital to rehab. Fractured pelvis. My arm beat up but rehab is good so now I can eat using it!! Walking still painful but getting better. Tripped over my dog. Bummer.

    1. Dear Deborah,

      Thank You for Purchasing the rangoli stencils from our store. Hope you like it when you receive the package. You may find more demonstration videos on how to use the stencil at our website www.rangolistencil.com .