Slumping Along.........

Since last Saturday I have been slumping wine bottles for cheese trays - up to 8 so far with one in the kiln now

So far all green flat bottles - tomorrow will attempt pattern clear bottles again - see if I can get about 10 of those ready for the 17th  mini show at the school  Hoping for a total of 20 cheese trays

Need to work on a couple of things to prep and get ready for the quicky set up we have to do as well

I have picked out my next kiln - the sort of mid size  before getting the really big one

A Paragon CS19D - is a Clamshell as well as a top loading - this should suffice for next years big purchase -  I'll be able to do at least 3-4 bottles at a time and be able to slump some nice plates and trays that I want to do - I want to get back into painting larger pieces  as well
Product: CS-19D Kiln, Model/SKU: 4G611J1DCC, Price: $1,735.00
my eye is on a really nice tray  the "LENA" Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.43.22 AM.pngglass slumping mold  -  I may get some mold before the kiln shows up


  1. That looks like a nice kiln. I have the Lena mold and like it The first time I used it, the glass slipped from one corner. I was lucky I looked in the kiln and saw it ... Something I never did before!

  2. Yes very anxious now but its not going to get till end of Jan - I thought I 'd wait till after christmas