Scan N Cut by Brother -JPEG or JPG images or text to Scan n cut

Haveing a great time with my Scan n cut - all the things I've made so far - and took a 3 hour class this week and now know how to do more !

Very excited as I'll be doing vinyl cut outs etc..

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will be outlining some amanzing things to share

A lot of people want to do text and images and its easy -
Taking a JPG/JPEG and making into a SNC file
In this sample I am using a Text Name but you can create a whole page document to bring into your scan n cut

I started by finding the font I wanted - In this case I want "Oliver" this is the Frozen Font that just about anyone with a little girl in the family needs - go to

search for oliver - scroll down the page and there it is - download -

now you can save the zip files in folder -

but I use word a lot and if I want for something else I'll just grab again - open the zip folder and select the font and click to open- this gives you a page of the fonts - top left corner has install - select and it puts it right into your word -

Open word and type in you text -
you can either choose at this time the font or just type and then highlight and change - made the size about 150 so its big and easy to see and work with - best to use black as the color so that it is recognized easier for the outlines -

Now there is a beautiful app called the SNIP Tool in windows -
its under your apps in 8.1 as windows accessories - I have it fixed to my tool bar - click on the snip tool - select new - highlight the text (try not to get the cursor in the clip) it will come up in its own window - now saveas (name it to a location you can find after) and make sure its a JPEG/JPG file - ok now we have our text

Open canvas - select new project - select the leaf box -

choose file - select the file you just saved
to the right at top two boxes lets start with the "outline" box and you will see another box with max number of colors - now reduce that to 2 - and hit the preview button - and you will see blue lines around the letters - but o dear - the centers in A or D etc are not highlighted - and we want those - so go up to top and choose color - and then preview - voila

if your satisfied with the outlines then click ok and it transfers your design to the mat for manipulation

Each letter can be moved

You may note there are heavier outlines on certain areas - 

you can delete the extra cuts by highlighting and deleting (garbage can or your delete button) -

to group them just select all by highlighting all the text - then the edit tab - and group - now its all one group to move around - you can also reverse this with the back arrow at top

or highlight and ungroup from the edit tab

- to save - click the box with the down arrow at top

and this saves to cloud with Brother -

or hit download

and it will create the file for cutting -(remember where you save it - as you take from file and move to your USB -

if you practice this you will have a great time with vinyl and images for cutting because I sure will -

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