Sunday, August 30, 2015

OOOOOPS ! Overfired my Tiger face

I swear I only sat down for 5 minutes - I think I fell asleep this morning while I was firing the kiln - something I dont do - should have worn the timer or set it - but normally I am hovering over the kiln when I am firing paints/frit as it does not need to go to full fuse - well this mornings did - I caught it at 1650 - the paint bubbled and burned off in places - the frit just melted together white areas took on the oranges etc  -  O well  the more you make something the better you get at it - plus it helped with doing the frits


  1. Well, it was a GOOD day finding the free table! And a BAD day with your tiger overfiring. The colors you used look really good.

  2. Ooooh! I mean, I'm sorry about the overfiring, but still...what a gorgeous piece you are working on!!

  3. I learned some things from it etc. once I got my frits on I gave a full back of orange - which when overfused seeped into the white so that has that orangy coloration - so I wont do that - I like my eyes and the color pallet does look good for the choices I bought (too many colors but hay I'll find a use for them )