Giving eyes a rest - just basic beads

I know I only have 4 more to go to meet the goal of 25 dragon eyes - but  I need to just do some plain beads for a rest

All boro - somepinks/purples and blue/greens - a heart and a pendant 


  1. So pretty. I live in Southern California and it's just too hot now to work in the garage. Can't justify having the AC on with the bead torch and bead annealing kiln! Cooler days are coming ...

  2. Yes that was only reason I made beads we had a couple cooler days - I have fans running and vent going to draw the cooler air in but its still hot - lots of kiln work I want to do too - Our head office is in San Diego - I visit once in a while and stay at my nephews place off Pamerado rd near Miramar

  3. I didn't see your post earlier. If you ever have time to visit while you are in CA, let me know. I live near Glendale and Pasadena.