Had a great show weekend - the temp was high and sun was hot hot hot
Stifling heat on both Saturday and Sunday - tent or not - no wind - was extremely hot
But a good weekend - no rain

I started out with my stuff as usually on the table with two corner grids
was ok but I still had not put out the braclets  properly 
they were all in the basket at bottom of the one grid system 
so then I added a small table I had to display the bracelets (in the boxes) 
still did not like it 

so by the afternoon - I opened the one corner of the grid and brought the table inside the tent (so the sun could not heat up the metal - hard to touch when hot) 
looked better 
the next day I added one more grid system and spread out the hearts and dichro better - liked this the best - in fact will add three more to take to end and corner  
then on other side I did same with main table 
the items in the slanted display and the other copper pendants will be on cards next 
the bracelets still not happy with display and I still had one table up so I moved the fish to their own table by end of day but I decided that I want no tables other than my packing /pay table (small)  and a full U shaped grid system with a shelf to display the necklaces on will be more effective to show everything - so I still have to come up with something for the cuffs to display from the grid system (and that I have in mind) I ran out of hooks so I could only display with more than one on each hook for some items 
but all in all a good show to help me figure out my display system 

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