New Quests

Trying to  find other supplies locally  for electroforming  and etching - DYI

One item  I need is  Copper Sulphate  (need this for electroforming as well )  and I found it locally at HH Goods in Uxbridge

Another item  is Sodium Bisulphate  which can also be used for pickling  - so double duty on that
local supplier in Ontario   DH Jutzi  - 50lb  bags  but I'll use it up quickly as pickle or give some away

DH Jutzi also carries Ferric Chloride in 5 gal pails - which is very useful so when I order the Sodium  Bisulphate I'll order a 5 gal pail  and have delivered at same time

Graphite powder -  found it at currys art supplies

Copper powder - found at Sculpture supply in Toronto  and ordered when I ordered my new quart of Permalac sealer

graphite powder and copper powder - are to experiment and see if I can make my own conductive paint for electroforming -

this weekend is set up the etching stations and get to etching items this weekend - sheets for the etsy shop and some new items

I will do a refresher on etching as well this weekend


  1. Hi Deborah,

    As usual, I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing all your precious experience and info.

    I wanted to comment about finding GRAPHITE POWDER. I've been working on concocting a paint with graphite powder for electroforming organic items and found a 16 oz container at a local Mills Fleet Farm store for $6.29 US. Sold as EZSlide Graphite Powder (by Vansickle Paint Co) available in containers up to 5lbs for around $15 US. Not to be confused with a version that includes talc... You can also check Tractor Supply Company and Fleet Farm both of which have stores in CA I think. It is used in farming applications as well, which is why it's available in such large quantities in these stores. I hope you find this info helpful in some way :o)

    Thanks again for all your hard work keeping us up to date on your talented work & experiments.

    Sharon in Iowa

  2. Hi Deborah,
    I read you are using a heat press machine for transferring designs to metal. I have one without instructions. What temperature do you use and for how long? BTW I absolutely love your work!
    Thank you,
    Diane in VA