Cleaning the Rolling Mill and Rollers of Cosmoline

Cosmoline - Sucks !!!  - I cleaned the gears of the large deposits of cosmoline (the packng grease) on Tuesday night -  Last night I brought home some paint thinner /mineral spirits and statred going over the gears with more paper towel and some q-tips to get further grease out of the gears and get them clean
I ended up going space by space on the large gear side and got the nicely cleaned up - but took a long time - them moved onto the top gears and finally just unscrewed them and dipped them and cleaned them -  then took the gear protector from other side and started cleaning - but it was getting late so I'll finish that tonight -   I cleaned my new pattern roller I got yesterday  (did I say that  Waymil is super fast shipping when you buy )   as I'll take the top off and replace the top roller with the pattern bar , this way when I finish cleaning tonight I may get to roll some samples

Once its clean I give a spray of WD40 and wipe it down

this is the first pattern roller I received
80mm-ROLLING-MILL-PATTERN-ROLL-DESIGN-57-BRAND-NEW all cleaned and ready to go -  I have a projet specific to having different patterns of wire woven with ends soldered and bent into bracelets and necklaces

I so cant wait

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