Torch Day - with a glitch

I actually had a good torch day on saturday - got enough beads made for another large bubble bead necklace
started a ruffle set as well and was going great on last few when ................I burned my hand in the torch  - a really good one - along the thumb and tip of one finger - I've only done this once before
so cleaned up set the kiln and went in search of a product called 2nd skin gels for burns luckily didnt have to go too far three pharmacies all within 10 minutes of my house ( and found them - once on felt better - the  gauze and bandaid make it loose worse - that is till I just changed the bandage - big blisters that I washed and drained before bed felt better with new dressing- this morning even better - still yucky but no pain

the kiln was full when I left to find my first aid

and ready last night
out of the kiln
bubble set off mandrels and cleaned
Into a necklace

and then stashed with the rest  waiting for boxing 

two big and two small bubble 
the frill one may have to wait  only have about 1/2 made right now 


  1. Ouch! I am going to have to keep some of the Second Skin stuff around if it takes away the pain from burns.

    1. Yes its great and keeps it moist during the healing process