Ringinator Set Up

I didnt get home early so I had to spend some time prepping the drain pan - where is the glue when you need it !

Finally got the pan attached to the clear tubing and attached to the drain jug

Overall results were great tonight - by the time I finish I'll have tweeked it even more for this years run-- after setting up and running and when all the oil was in the drain jug - I was thinking - why dont I just use one jug and put the hose for the intake into the same jug -  tomorrows modification!

the pan I put holes on either side and a piece of wire to hang from the threaded bolts

the pan is on an angle so it drains into the jug 

the jug at the end of the run - a good 15 -20 minutes as I adjusted and let the cutting oil run 

side angle - you can see the drain pan on an angle to drain 
right now I have a sieve sitting so it collects the rings and drains them 

the only issue is the positioning of the metal tongue where the rings come out on to drop into the sieve -not angled enough and the holes if not over the pan drips onto the table 

the tongue piece is great but if the pan is not resting on the sieve it drips and the angle is not great enough for them to just fall into the sieve I have to push them in or they fall to each side and into the pan 

todays haul  and still lots to do 
I want to finish all the copper then work on the silver plated and then onto the sterling silver 

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