Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Congratulations to the clayguy58 - the winner of January's Give-A-Way
 I've been busy "fletching" arrows (putting new feathers on some arrows the mice got at) went  to the range on Saturday to shoot and strengthen my wrist and arm (in pain but my wrist is starting to be more agile)  and was thinking of prepping for the upcoming Bead Soup I have joined.

I will be posting the February Give-A-Way this week - just as soon as I break into my Studio - Its in the negative numbers up here (freaking cold)  and the lock on the door is frozen - tonights plan is to take one of those bbq lighters up and heat the lock so I can get in - as I need to get something for the Give-A-Way and pick my Bead Soup Beads to send out this week .  I also need certain glass and frit so I can make some beads I need

So I have not been sick all week - what a change - feels great not to be coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose and feeling absolutely awful.    I am ready to start do some things and get going on making some items for my future shows and for Etsy.   so stay tuned - more to come


  1. I'm sure you'll put together a beautiful bead soup - if you can get into your studio! Congrats on a sick-free week! It's 28 here this AM - ridiculously cold (for me)

    1. Yes being well has its advantages

      right now its warming up to a cozy 5 degrees F here

      I cant wait for spring - groundhog or no groundhog predictions