Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Big Storm ---- Snow - Snow - Snow !

They said it was coming   but you just figure its not goning to be as bad as they say - till it happens
Terrible driving conditions - taking  hours to get only half way for a drive that should only be 20 minutes

That was Friday - Saturday we woke up to beautiful sunshine - and a lot of snow
I have to have someone come and use a front end loader to clear my driveway and parking area but once thats done I can say its pretty (till I have to put out hay and have to spend two hours clearing snow to roll it in and then find out its frozen together  - had to wait for my daughter to come help)

But let me share some pretty pics of snow
Tucker showing the way to the studio- knee deep snow once your off the plowed area 

the driveway - goes downhill and is awful to come up if you dont have 4 wheel drive or it gets icy - wish it was as flat as it looks in this pic 
the horses keep it well tramped down in the fields
This is Miss Zip and her daughter Sonny  
His name is tucker and he loves the snow - if I thought of how he sounded or the way he acts - its that Bacon Bacon Bacon commercial 

 This is sir dillon and behind him is Hollywood - in the far back is Holly's mom Stubby - (my daughters birthday present when she was 10 - my daughter is 32 this year - stubby  was 3 years old when we got her so that makes her 25 years old) 


  1. It's pretty, and the doggies always love it (except my little Chihuahua rescue - he despised it!) - but it sure is a pain in the ass when you have to go anywhere. Don't miss it! Stay warm!

  2. Meant to add -your place is gorgeous! And so are your horses, and Tucker!