Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still working around not doing any crafting......

Last night I freed up a round bale of hay to put in with the horses - finally - was all frozen together but got it loose and put it out this morning - has warmed up  about 28 degrees -   this morning its around 30  - wish I was in Cannington Australia where its 73 degrees.

Took the bbq lighter up to studio  and it didnt want to work so tonight I know I have some lock de icer somewhere or I'll pick some up today so I can get in.  I want to post the Give-A-way  by tomorrow

we are in for 2 ft of snow evidently tomorrow afternoon and into the night - so that should be a fun drive home.

I'll see if I cant post tonight the Give-A-Way  Plus I need to pick my beads to send to my Bead Soup Partner in the UK and that could take some time - Its like choosing a dress to go out in - how many times you change your mind .....


  1. 2 wks of snow?!? Ackkkk!

    It warmed up here from 28 yesterday AM to 71 when I was driving home - crazy! Come visit!