Sunday, December 2, 2012

Playing with Big Kick

I still cant do too much with my hand but I keep trying to use it - especially scissors are hard

I brought the big kick back into the house  

to try out since my copper was sitting and starring me in the eye on the kitchen table

I cut a strip of copper (no wider than the pattern folders
  and drew a couple of hearts free hand

 and used some basic fiskars scissors

rather than the metal shears (which can be used as well)   and they worked just fine on the 24g - My hand was not too  bad at all - hurt alittle but the more I do the better it will get - need to get the muscles back into shape

following the instructions (which are quite simple and very clearly written on the actual machine base) I was able to run them through

I am very impressed with the impressions made - this is not etching but embossing the metal 
very fun and simple 

the 24g is really  good to work with - I like the ability to cut the metal easily with scissors 
I dont have the dapping block in the house and I may take a trip up just to do them and give them some 3d effect but other wise this is a good tool that I have added to my workshop  and would recommend it  

the pricing is reasonable for the big kick  and the patterns you can collect one at a time 
I have certain ones and want to get a few more that I have my eye on but the actual store did not have them so I'll have to order on line 

I want to try even thinner foils with this  such as aluminum and brass (you can get these at the craft store ) 

unfortunately being sick and broken wrist have halted me bringing in stuff to work with in the house during the winter (I at least got my liquids that would freeze into the house )  

I want to work more with this equipment 


  1. I have the Sissix version of this (Big Shot, maybe?) - when I first saw it, I just HAD to have it, and I hardly ever use it. I wish it had the instructions written on it, because when I DO haul it out, I always end up having to watch the youtube video just to figure out how it works again. Sad. And I don't seem to get nice deep impressions like you did (I'm using 24g, too). I have thought about trying to anneal first, but I didn't want to deal with firescale and pickling!

    I'll have to play it with it some more - it's such a quick way to get textures!

  2. I am using the vintaj folders and their pretty good
    going to play some more this weekend