Resin Slabs for Pens

So I was asked to make pens from my work resins - now these resins set faster than any of the jewelry resins and have color to them - our color is a blue -  Part A is white and Part B is dark Blue and it makes a nice powder blue resin color.  This resin sets within a couple of hours.  I have two types once is a drain resin  (blue) and a potable resin that goes in pipes (red) . Today I mixed the blue - I wanted to make a slab that was about 3/4 thick and at least 6" long  so that I can cut it up into the pen blank and proceed from there.
I used those totes you can get at home depot for about  .90 cents - best part is that once set I can pop it out and reuse the container to set another block.
Mixed and poured 

put marks to fill too 

sample of purchased resin pen blank 

after 2 hours pops right out of tote.
will let it cure for a few days before I cut it up into blanks (as above) - will need to find a more flat mold but it does not matter on the pens as when I turn them on the lathe I loose most of the outside of the squared blank.
Learned how to turn wood pens at Lee Valley workshop 
So the next step is to let cure - slice into blanks will post each step as I complete it 

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