So I have not blogged for a month

Well its been almost a month since I blogged.  I get so busy I forget to just take a moment to update
but I've accomplished a lot with my studio.  Installed a sliding door so its easier to enter than with the garage roll up door, cleaned out lots of boxes and insulated a corner to start and moved my work tables around.  Brought my wood lathe, band saw and drill press up from the depths of my basement and got it all cleaned up.  Built a general work table and my biggest accomplishment was ordering and getting my vent hood.  Everyone kept saying about  $2000 for this hood but I went to Southern Supplies and they fabricated it -  3-1/2 hours (1 day after ordering)  and cost about 400.00.  I got it home struggled to get it in the studio by myself and proceeded to set on the table and then attach chains and hung it from the ceiling.  It is so wonderful to see it finally in my studio

I am coming down to the wire - will be installing the exhaust fan and vent by the weekend and I will finally have a functioning ventilation system.

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