After the show

Well its Monday morning after a great Toronto Bead Society Spring Bead Show -  soooooo tired

Introduction of Just Resin went well, excited to see all my beady friends and customers
Funny I can get up at 6 am to go to shows but come Monday I wanted to drop back into the bed

the best part of the show is chatting with everyone and it seems infuses you with new ideas and to want to play

so tonight I unload my car (too lazy last night) and I plan on staying in the studio till 11pm doing something - not sure what but something -   I promised myself  that I would have my new copper beads done, etched beads, etched pieces, 100's  (yes 100's ) of new lampwork   100's of painted beads, more fused pieces and dichro and possibly some slumped pieces   by the fall fair and of course my resin.

I am working now on a new epoxy glue that bonds (yes bonds) with glass to have better adhesion for findings - I've tried everything and since I am in a position to make it happen I'm looking into it

as well as a possibly making my own line of UV curing epoxy as well to finish out the resin line

so now I hope to have more time to fix my website , get my online store up and running, make new things

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