Yes I have been missing in action
Have I torched in past almost year - no
Have I turned on the kiln in almost a year - no
What the heck !

Starting last year in July - right after my one show - I contracted shingles so for about 4 months was really ill and tired - but still had to go to my day job which just tired me out more.

My work at the last minute had to move - so had to move a production facility  to a new location  between Nov 15 and dec 15  - what a chore - but we got it done - but I contracted bronchitis and was sick from before Christmas  till almost march
and of course for a few months after the move  getting things organized and certified etc..

then we wanted to go ISO which should take a good year  to build and implement - was reduced down to 2 months - so not only did I have my reg job that takes about 60 hrs  a week   I started to add more hours for ISO - up to 100 hrs a week  total  to keep up  and cancelled any holidays I was going to take for the summer

so that has been going on so no time to really do much of anything and still not 100% ISO is not finished as yet not till end of this month but now were adding  participating in the training and set up our our manufacturing  section with new accounting software - and next week three days of ISO Internal auditor training .

my one show is coming up in july and I have nothing  made - nothing - and I needed new glass plates, glass candles and jewelery - so not sure if I am going now.   I so want to make somethings but now no time. 

Although I have been playing with paper and doing some crops just to take a break - and I love playing with paper .

I hope that once this month is over I can actually start to make things again in my studio .


  1. WOW, just WOW! You have been through the ringer! You deserve some rest and relaxation. Hope you can get that soon! Take care!

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