Getting an UPdate in -

I have not been posting lately  - been busy with regular day job work  and just filling the kiln when I can

I am sure I have hit at least the 100 mark on my slumped wine bottles - even used my day of the dead mold  to get a few of those out

slumped a texas mickey - its huge ! -  still need more plates and havnt even made any tempered glass candles and only  two weeks to go before the big show - from right to left -  beer/pop bottle - regular wine bottle - 1Ltr wine bottle - texas mickey

and on top of being busy I booked myself into  scrapbook workshops on saturdays all the way to mid December and on Tuesdays  til mid November -  I've lost my mind

but the scrapbooking is fun!

Getting to use my Scan n Cut even more  and from my last weeks class created the template for these cut fold out cards

it pops out to this  fold out  and then folds back in on its own when closing -  so I cut halloween stuff out in duplicate (and made a kit for my granddaughter to make next week ) 

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