Wonderful Day for getting Glass and tools

I am so thankful to the people who sold me by big kiln -  and I feel bad for them having to downsize but I am a big winner here

They called me to ask if I wanted to buy the larger  Wet Belt sander - its bigger than the one I just got (which will be going up on Kijiji) so I traveled down  to pick up yesterday

and they virtually filled my car - with the wet belt sander - extra belts and powders for buffing which was great for the price

but then - I got two grinders, sifters, a paint turntable, a 5 gal bucket of kiln wash, boxes of glass , and boxes of scrap glass , a tile saw - and last night I started sorting the  trays of scrap (in the shoe boxes, tin foil pans, totes (I think about 11 in all )  the first one I opened my eyes popped - DICHRO ! mixed with colored glass scraps -  I sorted it out - found almost a 1 lb of scrap dichro - and if anyone knows me  I use mostly scrap !  what a bonus - I hope the others have about the same amount - I found some system 96 (only a bit mixed in with the Bullseye but I can tell the difference ) and I love bullseye -

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