Tempered Glass candle holders

Its taken me a while to get started  and the weather has been great for weeks but I just cant get going.....   I scored a big piece of new tempered glass from my local glass/mirror store - they do tub enclosures etc with tempered glass - the factory messed up on sizing  so they gave it to me -  was 90" x 30 and it fit in my car to bring home  - Just !..... otherwise I brought my tarp and nail set and hammer , buckets  to break and take home

Got home laid it out on my tarp - wrapped it up (as it sort of explodes out  and you dont want to have to spend time cleaning up a mess )  just opened the center of tarp enough to place nail set (be sure you have gloves and eye protection just in case )  and it took me three wacks before it shattered  - scooped it up with a dust pan (plastic) and into buckets - got  a full bucket and almost 3/4 in the other - enough to make a few with what I had leftover from last time

I put in pails  - I got this nice plastic container I transfer to and use my brass hammer - the sides of the hammer to pound down any large bits - I do it in layers till its full
I also got a colander with handle to scoop from the dollar store - this allows any glass powder or tiny-small sharp pieces to fall to bottom  so I am getting good chunks only 

so lets recall what I did before

Mix 1 - made 2 cups of product
1 cupA
1 cupB
1/4 c (just under) methyl Hydrate to thin it down

results -were amazing -
way too much mix left over
too thin - a lot accumulated at bottom
had to use a 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 tile  is supposed to be 5x5  this gives you more of a center to your candle so you can place a glass container in (remember epoxy is flamable ) this one had a very tight center

Mix 2 - made 1 cup of mix
1/2 cupA
1/2 cupB
1/4 c *just under) methyl Hydrate to thin it down

Again results amazing
still too much mix left over
too - thin - probably should have reduced on this mix by 1/2
used 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 tile
center was better but still not big enough
still too thin - a lot accumulated at bottom


Mix 3  1/2 cup of mix
1/4 cup A
1/4 cup B
approx 1/8 or 1/2 of the 1/4 cup of methyl hydrate
changes :
cut a 5 x 5 piece of glass and ground the edges so nothing sharp
bought some glass vases/holders  - not too tall  but a good size to fit within the 5 x 5 tile  - this will guarantee a place to put a candle - dollar store

so I filled about 1/4  of the pail with glass maybe a little more - I wanted the top of the glass holder to be close to the top of the pail
I placed the glass holder in and pushed down so its sitting in the glass - then filled in around it

make sure right up to the top 
then put the 5 x 5 glass piece on and push down and settle in place you want the glass around it to be even with the base 

now we mix 
I found with this small qty  that a water bottle will work - have lots around so I just cut the top off 
measure 1/4 c water mark then another 1/4c and mark 
clean out and dry (make sure its dry do not have any water in the container - it will affect the mix )
I use the end of a wooden spoon specifically marked for this mix - then wipe off with paper towel once I finish mixing 

then pour as usual and push to sides with cardboard or hard piece of plastic as per original instructions

Mix 4 - 1/2 cup of mix
1/4 cup A
1/4 Cup B
1 tbsp of methyl hydrate
5 x 5 glass tile cut
glass holder for center

Mix 5 - 1/2 cup of mix
1/4 cup A
1/4 cup b
no methyl hydrate
the mix seems thin enough but wanted to really see how far it will drip down
this way between the 1/8 cup   and 1 tbsp I can figure out what I may need

Pictures of results tomorrow


  1. Exciting stuff! Looking forward to the "after" pictures!

  2. Deborah, can you show a picture of the methyl Hydrate that you used to thin the epoxy? I keep reading that is highly toxic and flammable. I want to do the tempered glass candles for a gift but worried about reading about the toxic and flammability properties of the methyl hydrate. I tried to google it and come up with conflicting names to call it instead of methyl hydrate. Cant find it in any stores here. Can you tell me also where you purchased it and also the name of the two step epoxy you used? Thanks. Cheryl