Fobia taken care of - back to work.

It has been a very busy last few weeks for me
with the underlying  fear of having 5 teeth extracted -

It sounds silly but  I am terrified of the dentist - on top of that  I had to switch to a new one as my old one retired (I procrastinated for 2 years till I finally called  in January and found he had retired)  so I had to find a new one to extract what I thought might be 2 teeth - I found one and by the time the appointment was over  I booked the extractions for today the 26th -  5 teeth -  clears the top so I can have nice pearly whites in a month or so  and one lower molar that was about to go to the aching stage.  I've had a few panic attacks and in the office this morning - at the tears stage -
I 'm not toothless as I have a partial plate that covers the front and two of the ones taken out so  no bag lady look, potentially no teeth problems for next few years ?  I hope so

the silly thing is I know there is no pain as I have to be totally put out  and typically after   there is no pain , my face is not swollen   or bruised - and that is what it looks like today - the best results possible - not even the freezing needle points hurt (although I have taken pain killers just in case) - I just have to take it easy for next couple of weeks while the extraction holes heal.   so relieved  -

now I can move on and stop thinking about it - I've avoided commitments , calling people back  and just could not do stuff without thinking about the extractions- potential basket case

although I had work every day, a birthday party for my 12 year old granddaughter - we made tie dye tshirts - that was so much fun - got the dye kit from Dharma trading - was so easy -  I bought bins at dollar store as wells as cookie racks  so sit on bins to make it easy to die the shirts -

   I need to get moving for the show is coming in a couple of weeks and my grand daughter wont be able to help

I need to return calls about a horse I'm selling

and to Toronto Flameworking -  now that my head is back on straight


  1. Deborah you don't have to talk to me about dentist phobias. Trust me i 'am the same way if not worst. At least you got yourself into the office. I'm afraid they might have to knock me out at home and carry me to the office... I actually feel sorry for the dentist having to deal with me... So glad things worked out and you are on the mend! Hugs! deb

    1. Thanks Jinxxygirl - they gave me one of those pills that are supposed to calm you - doesnt work
      best part was they hooked me up - started giving me some of the drugs early to calm me to almost sleep before the really good stuff was administered - so very happy and releived now