Widgetbox.com is closed - wonder why

I used them for my Gallery and I just noticed it not working  so its not running right now- wonder if its just temporary  - will have to find something else to display my pictures - so off to find one

showing my Flikr slide show on the side for now

suggested replacement is due within the week   http://simplewidget.com/
it will replace Widgetbox   but alos checking out a few others

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  1. any ideas on how to get all my old widgets back and running on my site?
    I have probably over 8 running health widgets that are no longer valid. I always wanted to host the widgets on my own site so this would not happen. Now I cannot even find the creator to buy from them? I am a bit disappointed since I had paid to have adds removed form my widgets. Now what please help!
    cannot find similar site to widget box.


    I had massage widget, aroma therapy widget, chiropractic spine widget, TCM widget, herbology widget, acupuncture widget, Ayurveda widget, and reflexology widget.