The Memory is going..... going.....gone - thank goodness for other artists

I cant tell you how many classes or techniques I've taken over the years and yet a simple  task such as making murrini  was a challenge  -  but thank goodness for the internet - to reboot the brain

I have my optic molds, mandrels etc..  but I wanted to make some really nice ones and murrini is not something I took to task in the past -or spent much time on so why would I not forget the basics -  but there are so many beautiflul beads using them

-  Donna Millard is one of my favourites -
MURRINE 50 chips for twenty dollars Murrini Chips COE 104 Donna Millard sraHandmade LAMPWORK Glass Bead Set DONNA MILLARD sra lamp work autumn fall garden flower orange pink rose sunset mango

 her colour combinations and the use of the murrini is so beautiful
Sometimes I feel colour chanllenged and I just visit her blog  and come out all happy and wanting to make beads  - visit her Etsy store for more of an  eyefull -   she has a great eye for colour combos and her murrini is to die for  - of course the beads made with the murrini are fantastic and to die for too.   I may break down and go shopping tonight for some murrini and save myself the trouble

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