A Little Time in the Studio

Saturday was a full day of outside work getting ready for winter - closing the pool is an all day thing from 7am right to 6pm , cutting the lawn and moving things around  and a trip to the dump  was really pooped  but was able to eventually get up Sunday with some sore muscles and make my way to the studio and work on some things

Been trying to think of how to present the drop beads I made and came up with a wire cap and a jump ring to lock it on
I wound around the top and the end a long tail that I put in the torch and balled up the end 
Not sure yet if I like it so I did a few more to look at 
Need to stare at them some more 

I did get to play on the torch - still in an orange mood then onto bubble beads 
I am etching the orange beads  and need to make more bubble beads for a necklace 

The weather is cooling off so I should get some time in  before its "too cold" and I have to bring all the liquids down from the studio - two years ago I remember still being in the studio right up to mid December - I can only wish ......


  1. I think what you did with the drop beads looks terrific!

    1. Thank you - sometimes I really over think the item and then keep wanting to change and then never get it done - goes to the I'll think about it next week pile