Studio Time - Aug 5

I have a copper seahorse form i want to etch but I want it to be more specific to the seahorse design so I can etch (not from my usual stamps) So I took my Copper piece and outlined and then filled it in with some zentangle  designs-   this is just a quick pic -  I have to scan and then size it and use my custom stamp maker
I want it to fit onto the copper piece so I can stamp the resist right onto it \I wanted something that I could see the eye and a better fitting design 

I also want to use it to put a resist on some dichro for some seahorse glass designs 

then I am also going to apply pnp to some stainless washers for etching as well today  

I also want to get on the torch today sometime and make a fish or a few fishes for the upcoming  painted perch festival 

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