At the Studio - 8-2-13 - Etching Stainless Steel Washers - Test 1 - Giving it a try

Got up early so as it planned on raining today - got the lawn cut and some weed whacking done - put together my new electric pole chain saw - saving that excitement maybe for later this weekend

went into the studio cleaned up another 5 sheets of copper zentangle for etsy (will put those up by tomorrow)

colored and sealed the Seahorse

I had these 2" stainless steel washers hanging around sitting on my bench for about a year 
so I thought maybe let me see if I can etch stainless steel 
I know from reading ferric can work  but its not as aggressive on stainless steel  as copper- but what the heck - its all I have and I have a bunch of washers so giving it a try - 

I stamped two washers and put them in ferric
1st attempt I have left for 2 hours - which is about what I would for a deep etch in copper 

It etched but not very deeply (or the way I like ) as some would think this is acceptable as there is a pattern in the metal 

I sandblasted them clean and cleaned up with sandpaper (on the dremel) 
Domed them 

I stamped up 4 more and going to leave them for 3 hours and see what I get 
pics to follow maybe later today or tomorrow morning 

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