Etched Zentangle Copper Earrings

My good intentions of going home and soldering ends on the copper pipe pieces last night went bust - babysitting the grandkids and was tired.

All I did was  to dip two pairs of the sample earrings in the new sealer I bought -

I take some of my copper wire and make hooks to hook through the connection hole on the top of the earring,(they are reusable )  then the other end I put another hook to hang to dry on a rod in front of a fan (helps speed up the drying time - which is pretty fast on its own) -I dip the earrings while on the wire right into the can - dangle to let drip- sort of touch the side to get the last drops -    once dipped just hang and take a piece of paper towel and slightly touch the bottom - this wicks away any drip forming at the bottom.   I am dipping twice for protection.  Totally love this stuff.  (but I butchered the tin when I opened it - I have to ask how to properly open as it has one of those protective plastic rings and shows some sort of tool to remove -  and trying to open the tin I kept ripping the lid )  so much easier than the wax and buffing I was doing.

These earrings I left flat and did not patina - just air patina - these are from the other day - my testing using the Stazon stamp pad - which was total success with my zentangle stamps.  Again I ran to the studio and popped on some Erring hooks so I could wear today.  This weekend its going to be a huge stamping /etching  time at my studio - want to make lots of items.  I also want to make a necklace so I have bracelets, earrings and necklaces in etched copper and zentangles.

so easy to use and drys fast.  I found when I googled someone suggesting the Rio Sealer - but they also suggested this sealer -which I got locally from Sculpture Supply in Toronto.  If you go to their site :    you can buy direct from them in Pennsylvania and they have a distributor list as well.

Someone asked me about the swage tool (as I called it) and where to get (sometines called a U-bender block, bending block ) -  Rio Grande has them and Metalliferous has the one I have -  Metalliferous if you do not know is one of my favorite places to get my copper stampings and other items - Brass, Aluminum, copper etc... they carry just about everything.
Here is the link to the bending block:


  1. Thanks for all the links, and those earrings are totally cool! I have the Rio Sealer on my shelf, unopened (duh) - now I feel like I need to buy the Permalac!

  2. Mine was on the shelf for at least 8 years unopened - big DUH - it works similarly and yes I did not have to buy permalac EF but what the heck I love my tools and materials - you never know when your going to need it ( like 8 years later)