Firing Screen Printed Glass Pieces

The next step in getting the screened glass completed to use with my lamp-work beads or for fusing  is to cut the sheets and fire them -  they could be fired as I lamp-work but I like to bulk fire as once fired the image is fixed

The dried screened glass as I mentioned is a matte finish

I use the Beetle Bug system or the Morton system (or combo)  to cut with 
it sits high and I can push through without marring the paint

These systems are great - easy cutting and measuring and I like the cutting table as small pieces fall into the holes (then I clean them out)
Once cut I put onto a fibre kiln shelf ready for firing- just happened to be the closest 

I used my Aim kiln (my favourite brand for fusing) which has the basic hi lo dial - no high tech digital system - so I just watch the pyrometer. These units are great - and you can do so much with it and its one of the least expensive - 6 x6  approx 325.00 U.S. and a great company to buy from.

This Reusche DE401 paint that I used requires firing to approx 1250 F

Quick Explanation:
Because the pieces are single layer and 2x2 or less I can run the temp up fast and cool down fast 
so its load the kiln put on lid, turn to hi and let it ramp to 1250F as soon as it hits the required temp. turn off kiln, open lid and cool to 1000 F  put lid back on - leave a corner open and let cool till I can handle and take out.  

Here they are set in the kiln and turned to hi and left till it reached 1255 F - I then turn off the kiln 
take off the lid and let cool to 1000 (flash cooling) and close the kiln back up and let cool- I leave a corner open to cool faster.
Once fired - it is sort of shiny again- hard to tell here but I can see that they were done at the 1255 F when I peeked (I'm a peeker - I find peeking makes all the difference in my fusing) 

Prepared another kiln shelf (ceramic with fresh kiln wash - that's why its purple) 
and I proceeded to keep firing till they are all done.

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