Rivets for Copper Pendants and Bracelets

I did not post last night - too tired - have to get out of this funk I'm in.

Today I received my rivets from Beaducation (Beaducation.com)  so that I can finally rivet (I could have used wire but wanted to see the purchased rivets) very excited and love them.  Got Antiqued Brass, copper Aluminium in flat and round heads.  The different colours to give a variation of colour against the copper .

This is from previous - I have ready to rivet. I still have to put holes and wanted to wait till they came so I could be more accurate .   If I have time this week will finish it off.
When you purchase on the internet you tend to guess what you need  e.g. size wise - sit with a ruler and figure out that the heck the size of these rivets are.
Here is a copper  nail head 1/20" x 1/4" long compared to a Cdn Penny
gives you an idea of just how small they are - you get a pack of 100 for 5.15 so check out their website

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